Recent Bell and Carillon Projects

Our Lady of Fatima Parish

Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Piscataway, NJ built a new elevator and steeple with plans on adding a 3 dial tower clock however the Pandemic came just as the tower was completed and the new carillon was installed. Fr. Paul DaSilva had always wanted to have the clocks installed and recently the funds became available. It was an exciting day for Fr. Paul to bless the clock dials and to have the clock up and running just in time for Christmas. Now there is no excuse for folks to be late for Mass.

Morristown UMC

The famous Morristown UMC or “The Church on the Green” has an old tower clock movement built in 1876 with two steel painted dials. It was electrified 50 years ago. We were able to keep it going for quite some time and replaced the original cedar clock hands with custom made aluminum balanced hands however it finally died about ten years ago. The steel dials were reinforced with chain to prevent them from falling out. Several attempts were made to find the funds to restore or upgrade the clock which is seen by 100’s of people every day. Finally funds became available and we replaced the old steel dials with two new custom made dials with LED back lighting and impulse dial mounted clock movements powered by a digital clock controller which always keeps the clocks on time.

Branchville Clock Restore

The original wall clock was installed in July 1922 for the Selective Insurance Company which was electric with neon front lighting behind a glass crystal. We spoke to some folks who thought that the clock worked up until around 30 years ago until the glass bezel was lost in a storm.

After Selective built their campus, this building has been used as a clothing store, a bank, and a training center until Selective decided to totally renovate and expend the building for their new training facility.

Neill Carillon Service was chosen to provide the new clock replacement with a translucent dial and LED back lighting operated by a digital clock controller. The old clock is on display inside. Now Branchville has a working clock again.

Church of St. Elizabeth – Wyckoff, NJ

Refurbished their bell and added a new carillon in the new chapel.

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

Servicing a 49 Cast Bell Carillon.

Jersey City Wall Clock

This Wall Clock is for an insurance company in a rehabbed space.

John H Walker Middle School

Restoration of the building wall clock.

Union City Bell Fall and Repair

The four photos are from Sts. Joseph and Michael church which had a fire in 2017. This bell fell 80 feet and embedded itself 8 inches into the floor but amazingly didn’t break up. The church since has been rebuilt but this bell can not be reused since it has been super heated. The decision was made to media blast, polish and paint the bell and place it on display on a custom granite base as a memorial to the fire.

First Baptist Church – Riverhead, NY

The First Baptist Church of Riverhead, NY upgraded their steeple and Maas-Rowe Carillon. The first system was installed by us in 1982.


Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church’s bell had been silent for more than ten years. We replaced the 60 year old ringing equipment and installed a new bell striker and an Apollo Digital Bell Carillon which rings the Angelus, Hour Strike and hymns which play automatically or by remote control.

They now have a voice once again in downtown Bloomfield.


Hitchcock Presbyterian Church

We replaced the tower speakers for the carillon we installed in 1984 as well as the amplifier from 1990 at Hitchcock Presbyterian Church. They were very happy with the improved sound quality.


Our Lady of Peace

We installed a new Maas-Rowe Carillon at Our Lady of Peace which replaced an old system that was not repairable.


First Baptist Church – Henderson, NC

We installed four new swinging motors for a Peal of Paccard cast bronze bells at First Baptist Church in Henderson, NC with a Movotron Digital Bell Control System.


Cadet Chapel – West Point, NY

Servicing the bells at the Cadet Chapel at West Point.


Fancy Clock Restoration

We restored this Fancy Clock by replacing the cloudy lenses, new hands and movements now controlled by a new digital clock that resets after power failures for the Village of Manor Haven, NY.


Franklin Lakes Street Clock

A recent Street Clock makeover. Before & After.



Pequannock Fancy Clock Restoration

New backlit dials, hands, movements, and digital controller.


Teaneck High School Clock Restoration

New hands, movement, and controller. Dial repainted.